While searching for the dark wizard, Gavash Nightshade, the Chainbreakers have found their way to the Feywild, looking for an artifact known as the Core of Transference. According to Levantra, the leader of the town of Veritas, the Core is an object that is said to be able to protect the city in some way. Upon entering the Feywild, they spotted a satyr, hiding in the bushes.  

After some coaxing, and him nearly walking away entirely without providing any help, the satyr and the Chainbreakers agreed to a deal – the Chainbreakers wouldn’t take him to the nearby city, and in return he’d show the group the way to the Illegar Spire, the supposed location of the Core.  

At the Spire, a large stone structure that had been weathered and beaten down over many years of abandonment, the party found a glowing orb embedded in the rear wall of a massive sanctuary, surrounded by statues of various animals and beasts. When Jean reached out to touch a statue, he polymorphed into the animal he touched. Immediately, the rest of the group was put on edge, unwilling to touch anything else in the room. Voir looked to leave, but was unable. Eventually, with some convincing, the rest of the group touched various other statues and also turned into some of the larger animals around the room. Once the five of them were in animal form, the other animal statues came to life and attacked! The Chainbreakers proceeded to fight off the rest of the statues, and when the final animal fell, the group was changed back into their normal forms.

With the Core of Transference now in hand, the group made their way out of the Feywild. Back in the Eden’s Grasp, Levantra was no where to be found. The party found a note, giving them the deed to the stronghold, Eden’s Grasp, and headed back toward the entrance. In the large throne room, at the base of the tree that pushed through the ceiling, Remcast, an evil wizard from Balkas’, past stood in wait. After a brief exchange that left Tyrrath trapped inside of a gem, power surged within Balkas, and from an unknown source, he cast Plane Shift to teleport both him and Remcast to another plane leaving the party in stunned silence.  

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