The Chainbreakers, a band of adventurers formed through odd circumstances and attempting to find a dark wizard named Gavash Nightshade, head to explore Eden’s Grasp, a stronghold outside of the city of Veritas. They were told that strange activity had been seen around the stronghold, and that screams were coming from that direction, audibly heard from the town of Veritas itself.

Eden’s Grasp lie across a river, and stood 4 stories tall. Rumor was that the stronghold was used in the wars leading to the Invoked Devastation, hundreds of years ago. The Devastation, as it was more commonly referred to, was an act of the gods separating themselves from the Material Plane, as the mortals on the Material Plane had begun to wage wars to win the affection, and therefore, the gifts/powers of the gods.

The ground floor of the Eden’s Grasp had a large tree in the center of what was once a great hall. Now, the tree pushed through the ceiling, letting bits of light pour in. Heading downstairs first, the party came across a magically darkened room, finding their way through a puzzle, based on etchings on the walls. Lode, without much thought beforehand, rushed through into the dark and immediately triggered a trap, causing himself a bit of damage. Voir, being the most careful, waited for the others to solve the puzzle before moving through himself.

As they passed through the darkened room, they found a hallway with a hole in the wall that opened into a cavernous room. They could hear the river up above, as the water rushed over the rocks, and drops of water fell from the cracks in the hollowed out room. At the other end of the room, the party could make out a stone entryway, and upon entering it, found what appeared to be a sacrificial chamber of some kind. Floating in the center of the room, however, was a zombified beholder.

Despite being a tough battle, the Chainbreakers bested the beholder and began to search the room. Finding scraps of evidence that tied this room back to Gavash Nightshade, the party set off in search of where this evil necromancer was located.

The party turned their attention upstairs to the upper quarters and the library.  After finding a book of planar travel with a page torn regarding the Nine Hells, the Chainbreakers travelled back to Veritas to check in with Levantra, the head of the city.

Nilus, a small gnome that was caught spying on the group, gave Jean a book from Tal, his former mentor, that mentioned that Tal was survived the shipwreck that was thought to have killed him, and that he made his way to Ravenbell, where the Bareth University of Magic is located. 

The Chainbreakers made their way to the barracks in Veritas, where they found a prisoner they suspected was being wrongly accused of necromancy. The Valor Guard had locked him up in suspicion with the zombies that had taken over majority of the city. The man pled his case to the party, saying that he had gone out of the city gates to visit family, and wasn’t around for any of this. The Valor Guard believed that the man had knowingly set loose a zombie on his way out of town, and was attempting to use an alibi to cover his guilt.

The party, believing the man was innocent, worked with Levantra to free the prisoner from Valor Guard control and she asked for a favor in return – that the group enter the Feywild and retrieve something called the Core of Transferrence, an artifact Levantra believed, could protect the city of Veritas.  

Upon entering the Feywild from their teleportation circle located in the Eden’s Grasp, they ventured out from a large forest and into a sea of golden grain where they felt the eyes of a satyr watching them. After restraining the satyr, they found he had been following them since their arrival, sketching them as they progressed. He admitted to watching them, with plans to trick them, but talked about the ruins of a stone temple nearby known as the Illegar Spire.

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