We pick up with the Chainbreakers as they start to cut bodies down and lay them to rest in Veritas. Voir checks on a few houses to find them deserted as the party decides if they should check on Lady Levantra, the Baroness of Veritas, or to go to bed and worry about it at daybreak.

Voir checks for Illusionary spells, rolls a 13 on his arcana check and finds a small illusion coming from the tavern. The party investigates this new lead and finds a door behind the bar. Balkas is able to quietly open the door and the party delves into the basement of the tavern only to run straight into a cocked crossbow wielded by the Valor Guard.
Questioning starts and the party finds out that the Mistcallers came into town a few days prior, and that shortly after, citizens of the town were being kidnapped and taken from their homes.

The Chainbreakers find that this group of citizens are not alone and there is another group hiding somewhere in the town. The party decides that they need to start evacuating this group from the town and rush them to Ytterheim the next closest town in the morning.

Jean asks the lead guard for his name and rank and gives his first field promotion to Fenton from Conscript to Cadet. They talk with Tyrrath and he voices his concerns about the undead. Gaius and Balkas decide it may behoove the party to scout the town out during the night to assess Tyrrath’s concerns. Jean voices his concerns to Balkas and has a heart felt conversation with Balkas about his worries of them going out at night. Balkas talks with Gaius and they decide that Balkas alone will go out tonight, so Gaius may rest all while Jean plays Balkas a little song for good luck.

Balkas heads out as the party starts their long rest. Balkas turns into a dire wolf and starts exploring the city. He moves to the center of the city and finds the pile of corpses that Fenton spoke of. He turns his sights north to Levantra’s estate and tries to sneak his way towards his goal. Along the way he hears voices a few streets over, but ignores it keeping true to his promise to stay safe to Jean. He hops the fence and peers into the front door of the house looking for any signs of life. All looks normal and nothing looks disturbed, with a few mins left before he needs to head back he heads to the edge of forest and prays to his goddess. He repents for his prior mistakes and asks for her guidance, love and safety of the Chainbreakers. As he finishes praying, his observes a slight breeze and knows his goddess heard his prayer and she still walks with him. With this great news, he returns to the basement.

Back in basement, we find out Lode left his home due to his father threatening to kill him and explains to Tyrrath, he is not the brightest but makes up for it with this strength during their time on watch. Jean and Gaius take the second watch and talk about Zorander Rex and the mercenary group he travels with. Gaius shares he use to protect convoys with his father, but his father had bigger ideas for him. Jean shares that his god, Rao, came to rescue him during an attack on his ship, and that he was the sole survivor of his crew. He explains the creation of his lute, Umisora, meaning air and water, and how it was created from the wood of his old ship as well as the air ship that collided with his.

As the watches end, the whole party falls asleep during the last watch, gaining their strength for the challenges that await them the following day.

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