After being invited to a celebratory party, the Chainbreakers spent their afternoon preparing for the party for the high nobility of Wileforge and start off by buying some new apparel. After learning a bit about Ryfir’s peculiar hair, they make their way to the Ironbeard Manor to be celebrated by the city. Along the way, the party checked a nearby quest board to see if there were any tasks that they could help with. They found one, written in Draconic, which no one spoke. Voir took it upon himself to ask anyone he came across if they could translate the Draconic, but to no avail.

At the party, the group meets the Cloud Council, a collection of the rulers of nearby cities that work together to ensure peace throughout their lands. One of these council members was Corby Skiprock, the leader of the town of Dardon. Jean became instant friends with Corby’s approachable nature. They also had an encounter with Remcast, a prominent figure in Balkas Wave’s past. After overhearing a conversation regarding the transfer of 12 “units” between Remcast and a mysterious figure, Zorander Rex, Balkas lets the party know of the impending caravan.  

Jean, wanting to keep tabs on the situation, introduced himself and the rest of the Chainbreakers to Zorander who invited them to “try out” for the role of protecting the caravan on its way to Veritas. After a quick battle with some of Zorander’s lackeys, Zorander seemed impressed with their battle skill, but wasn’t convinced to allow them to accompany the travel of their caravan with their cargo.

At this news, Balkas attacked Zorander while in bear form and a second fight broke out. Zorander held his own, alone, nearly taking out Balkas, and severely injuring several other party members. Tensions eventually dissipated, and Zorander and his group, the Mistcallers, heading out with their caravan to Veritas.  

The Chainbreakers then headed to Dwynn Foehand, the Valor Guard commander in Wileforge and let him know of the situation. Foehand, having had history with Zorander Rex, gave the group a cart of their own to travel with. Foehand explained that Rex had previously been part of the Valor Guard, but was passed over for a promotion. Rex had become close with some of the upper leadership of the Guard, and his lack of promotion was seen as a slight, leaving a fairly contentious relationship with the Mistcallers’ leader.

Arcas Swill was the next stop, which is where the party met Tyrrath Shadowhorn, a tiefling warlock, who agreed to join them on their adventure. The party, including Tyrrath, headed out to Veritas to catch up to Zorander Rex and attempt to recover whatever the 12 “units” were.

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