The Chainbreakers find themselves in the study at the bottom of the Bullywug Tower, having just broken a mysterious glowing white orb. Aside from a cryptic note from a Gavash Nightshade, there doesn’t seem to be much of interest in the room. A lever is pulled, revealing a tunnel that led down into the sewers beneath the city of Wileforge. 

Using his Alchemist’s Fire glove to light the way, Lode found more and more spiderwebs along the walls of the tunnel, which lead into a large cistern where the group fought off a planeshifting phase spider. Lode struck the killing blow by causing its internal pressure to build to a point where it exploded, only to look up and catch the brief glimpse of a cloaked figure running away.  

Upon giving chase, the group catches up, only to find out that it was Enchanter Amalvis Vidal. Amalvis admits to being the one responsible for the charm placed on the Bullywugs, and a fight ensues. Both Ryfir and Jean come to the brink of death before Amalvis is finally struck down and pushed off a ledge into the cavern below. Lode climbed down into a large open cave and found a half elf skull, seemingly there for quite a long time.  

The next morning, the Chainbreakers are summoned to the Valor Guard barracks by Commander Dwynn Foehand, who invites them to a party at the manor of Ulfric Ironbeard, the town noble. After some light shopping for fancy outfits and getting ready for the party, the group heads across town to the event.  

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