We find our party standing out in the cold streets of Wileforge, late in the night, with Balkas Wave standing over the body of a Misty Order assassin. The party, shaken from being attacked, snuck back to the hotel and started to determine a name. Balkas’ first suggestion was “Homewreckers. Estimated 835PD”, which was quickly thrown out, as Estimated is not the same as Established. Instead, the party goes with the title Chainbreakers, named after the magical chains they broke in Chestanoke Rock, releasing the mages.

That night, Voir fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about his mentor, Grim. He dreamt of the city of Ravenbell, and a hidden study that Grim snuck off to when no one was looking. Through the dream, which played out more like a vision, he saw that Grim was researching the cult known as the Misty Order as well.

The next morning, the party sets out to find Amalvis Vidal, the enchanter who owns The Misty Curtain, only to find him missing. His assistant, Markus, informs the party of Amalvis’ time spent out near Bullywug Tower.  

The party heads into the Rodist Vale Swamp to investigate claims of cult activity and to find Amalvis Vidal. After a battle with some lightly armored Bullywugs, the party sees the Mendlehorn Lighthouse and meet Faramond Seibold. Faramond, an odd hermit, mentions that the Bullywugs seem more regulated and militaristic compared to their fun loving selves. This, combined with the glossy eyes that the Bullywugs seemed to have during the battle, led the party to believe they were charmed.  

After approaching the Bullywug tower and fighting off a patrol of Bullywug soldiers, the captain of the Bullywugs approached the party to surrender. The charm spell appeared to falter on him temporarily, which gave him enough clarity of mind and he no longer wanted to fight.

The party entered the Bullywug Tower, found their way through an enchanted hallway puzzle, and stumbled upon a small study. In the center of the room, a glowing white orb sat upon a tripod. Jean, convinced that this orb was the source of the Bullywug charm, pushed the orb off the tripod, shattering it into a thousand pieces. A bright light filled the room, and nothing but a light smoke emanated from the remaining glass shards.  Unsure if he accidentally destroyed the lives of all of the bullywugs around, or saved the day, Jean takes a breath.

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