Our party finds themselves standing over a slain peryton after its attack at the Festival of Creation. A Valor Guard Lieutenant approaches the group, thanks the party for their help and suggests that they go see his supervisor for more information. After a brief spat with Jean, the Valor Guard and the party go their separate ways.  

Back at the Helmshead Tavern, the party rests for a bit and heads out to the barracks to meet the Valor Guard Captain in the town, Dwynn Foehand, who warned them of the criminality of a shadowy figure known as Arcas Swill, and the cult activity affecting the bullywugs near the lighthouse. 

Meanwhile, Ryfir and Voir headed to an enchantment shop called The Misty Curtain and met Amalvis Vidal, a mysterious shop keeper with a suspicious trinket. Amalvis seemed welcoming, if not a little shady, and provided little information as to the cult activity.   

Once the party returned to the Helmshead Tavern, they were met by a mid-20s human named Jandar, who led them to Arcas Swill, a kindly criminal mastermind with a seemingly extensive network of adventurers under his employ.  

Upon leaving Arcas’ bar, Balkas noticed movement in the shadows – two assassins stalking the party. After noticing something familiar about them, Balkas leapt into motion and attacked one of them causing the other to flee. On the dead assassins body was a token Balkas was all too familiar with – the symbol of a dark cult, The Misty Order. 

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