Our adventurers set off for Wileforge after being told by Basil ‘Uud of some activity in the city that seemed reminiscent of the Shrouded Alignment. On the way to the large port city, the party encountered a wandering wild cow that fled when approached, thinking it was a dangerous monster.

Once they reached Wileforge, the group split up to investigate the cult activity. Lode and Balkas headed to the local tavern, the Helmshead Inn, and Voir went in search of an enchanter for magic supplies.  After restocking, Voir learned of a second enchanter in town that may have additional information about the mysterious activity that they came to investigate. Jean and Ryfir headed to the Temple of the Cog, and learned more about Erathis, the goddess of civilization, inventions and law, and that the Festival of Creation was the next day. Lode and Balkas asked around for information in the tavern before resorting to drinking lots of ale.  

Once the party regrouped at the tavern, a mysterious hooded figure introduced himself, indicating that his employer, Arcas Swill, wants to meet with the party the next night, after the Festival of Creation.  

At the Festival of Creation, the group competed in several games and won a few small trinkets and prizes. The festivities were interrupted halfway through, however, by a deafening screech. A peryton that had been brought in as part of the festival had escaped from its cage and had begun attacking the festival goers.

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