The Chainbreakers have spent a few weeks exploring the city of Ravenbell. Ryfir spends his time at the library, studying to find any mention of the Leviathans, or any ties to his own clan’s history. He also spends time training using wooden weapons, with Lode. Jean introduces Tal to the rest of the party. Through Tal, the party finds their way to a shop owned by a Mord Glimbane. Mord runs a magic shop with a number of oddities – taxidermied animals, mundane looking items that appear to have magical significance, and a number of oddly colored potions. Mord pulls out an ash-covered scroll case and attempts to sell it to Voir. Voir tries to bargain, but Jean steps in and assures Voir that Mord should be trusted. Voir buys the scroll case and pockets it for later, wanting to open it in private.

Tobar sees if there’s anything that Mord has that he would be interested in, and Mord offers a pair of vials, containing a bright, cloudy liquid. Tobar, unsure if he could fully trust Mord, agrees to take it only if Mord takes it as well. For the first few minutes, nothing happens, but Tobar begins to see some of the taxidermied animals come to life. He attacks them and almost hits Jean in the process. Mord, on the other hand, retreats under a blanket, attempting to hide from invisible monsters he’s now seeing all around him. The two of them hide in the back room, afraid of the monsters that seem to be attacking them.

While Mord and Tobar are hallucinating from the drugs they took, Ryfir swipes a couple of the items that Mord had for sale – a gold inlayed bedpan, and a mirror that doesn’t show reflections of people. Upon further inspection, he realizes that the mirror is a Mirror of True Sight, and the bedpan is a Bedpan of Augury.

Jean shares that the location of the Leviathan is believed to be under the market within Ravenbell, which piques Tobar’s attention. Tobar explains that during his weeks exploring the city, he made his way underneath the city and found a glowing blue mineral called Heladonite.

Ryfir mentions that his research has found the name of the Leviathan, Aesedra, but no one seems to have heard of this name before. He also discovered that these Leviathans are currently dormant – that each one is a being that can be awoken and activated. Ryfir also came across a group that was responsible for working with the Leviathans and banishing Diabulus the first time around, but there was no name associated with them. That’s when Jean shares that the name for the group is the Order of the Seraph.

Mord and Tal are close friends, and during the two weeks that the party spent exploring the city, the two of them had brought Jean into the backroom to induct him into a secret organization known as the Order of the Seraph. They explain that the Order of the Seraph was responsible for the fall of Diabulus hundreds of years ago. Tal explained that one of the Ancient Leviathans that brought Diabulus down is here in Ravenbell, and activating it will be the first step toward preventing the second rise of the Dark Prince.

Tobar offers to lead the party to a door that he had found in his exploration, carved with runes that said “Speak my name”. Now armed with several names to try, the party heads toward the market, hoping to activate an Ancient Leviathan.

As the party enters the market, they feel like they’re being watched. They spot an half-elf attempting to stay hidden, drawing something on parchment in their hand. Tobar quickly lets Jean know they’re being watched and the party splits up to try and encircle the individual. Having been spotted, the individual runs, and the party gives chase. Jean picks up the dropped parchment, and Lode heads after the individual, tackling them to the ground.

Jean looks at the parchment and finds a series of drawings of the party, but in places that they haven’t been yet, or from things that have been revealed to the group. One appears to be Lode bringing his axe down on an unsuspecting mercenary. Another was of the party in a very ornate room, discussing a matter with a well dressed man. The person, clearly flustered, is worried that by being observed by the party, they’ve ruined the timeline and events from here on out will be messed up.

The person invites them back to their house for tea to pay it back to them. The tent they lead the party to is covered in parchment drawings of more of these depictions of the party. The person introduces themselves as Draem who says they can see the future, but not just the future, but all possibilities. They suddenly pull out another piece of parchment and sketch another picture. They also grab a drawing from off the wall, crumple it up and say it isn’t going to happen any further.

They explain that they were mugged, and as they lied dying, they reached out to any god that would listen, and Ioun responded. They woke up in an inn nearby, and could no longer see the events happening around them, but could now see every possible future that impacted the Chainbreakers.

Draem then walks over and puts the drawing they just finished on up on the wall. It shows the party standing on a hillside looking out over the city of Portsford as several dragons fly over head, wreaking havoc on the city below.

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