The Chainbreakers have defeated the necromancer Gavash Nightshade and stand in her alchemical laboratory. Despite being underground, natural light start to come through two large window-like cutouts in the wall. One appeared to be of Ravenbell, while the other is one the party is not familiar with. Interactions with these “windows” shows that they’re illusory. Voir revealed that he has a small mouse companion with him that hadn’t been previously revealed.

The party takes what they can from the lab and attempts to cover their tracks by destroying the now dead form of Levantra, mostly through blunt means. After much deliberation, the group decides that their best way out of the mess they’ve created is to walk out of the mayor’s manor as if nothing had happened. They pass a few Valor Guard soldiers who take up watch outside of the manor, pledging themselves to wait for when Levantra returns.

After heading back to Eden’s Grasp, Jean creates a Tiny Hut to have a safe space to take a long rest. In the morning, the party has a discussion to determine where to go next. They could follow up with the recently evacuated citizens and head to Ytterheim, they could head to Dardon to visit Corby Skiprock, a halfling member of the Cloud Council, or they could head to Ravenbell to visit the university that Voir attended. After much deliberation, the party decided to head toward Ravenbell.

However, due to lack of supplies, the party tries to head back into town to restock, which started an entirely new debate: how does the party head into town without Levantra with them? Voir comes up with a plan: rush past the recently stationed guards outside Levantra’s manor, head down into the basement where the party had left Levantra’s body, hope that the guards follow, cast Fireball, and then Invisibility, and sneak away, burning the manor down behind him after he leaves. Jean’s immediately onboard with the idea, and the rest of the party is a little more wary of why the plan is needed in the first place. With some convincing, the party heads out.

Tobar and Ryfir decide to stay behind in the woods, not fully onboard with getting into the mix. Jean and Lode follow Voir to the gates outside the city, where three Valor Guard stand watch. Jean casts Hypnotic Pattern, first trying to get the guards to round up all of the guards in the city and head out into the woods, claiming Levantra was in trouble, but then quickly changing direction and suggests having all of the guards gather at the gate.

Voir heads further into town only to see a Valor Guard soldier walk out from inside the manor. Ditching the plan entirely, Voir casts Flaming Sphere, creating a large fireball hovering above the heads of the people in the town walking by the manor. The Valor Guard in front of the house attempt to stop Voir from entering the house, drawing their swords. Voir quickly changes his appearance make it look like three copies of Levantra are attempting to enter the house. Instead, one of the Valor Guard grabs Voir and restrains him. In a response, Voir attempts to cast Sleep on the Valor Guard holding him. The remaining guards attempt to attack since Voir knocked a guard unconscious. Disguised as Levantra, Voir tries to convince the Valor Guard to check out the basement, and they hesitantly walk down the stairs. As soon as they’re out of reach, he casts a Fireball on their location, burning them to a crisp and lighting the manor on fire. Voir turns, becomes invisible, and sneaks off away from the town.

The party regroups outside of town and begins their journey off toward Ravenbell. Several hours into their journey, they see a figure off in the distance. As they get closer, they see a figure draped in torn leather armor, lumbering towards them. The ground starts to rumble, and right off the sides of the road, two large Ankhegs burst forth and attacked the figure. Enraged, the figure began to charge at the ankhegs, and as the party got even closer, they saw that the figure was a man with boar-ish features.

After defeating the ankhegs, the party turned their attention to the boar-man, who charged at the group and attacked Lode. The man was a wereboar, and he had passed the curse onto Lode. Soon, the wereboar was subdued and tied up by the party. The party questioned him and found out about his curse, and his neverending rage. Tobar, unconvinced that the man could be saved, put an arrow in him.

Lode began to hear whispers and promises of power, and the rest of the party immediately became concerned about Lode’s well being.

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