NOTE: This recap takes place between Session 9: Druidic Focus (episode 10 on the podcast), and Session 11: Voir’s Wild Ride do not appear on the podcast feed due to missing audio files. The only source of the recap are now these posts.

A gem falls to the floor. Balkas and Remcast vanish into a blink of light. They’re gone. Trapped inside the gem is the warlock, Tyrrath Shadowhorn, an ally to the party known as the Chainbreakers. The cathedral like throne room inside Eden’s Grasp falls silent and the party is stunned. Jean picks up the gem that held Tyrrath, while Lode tried to plead the case that it should be left behind, as Lode didn’t particularly care for Tyrrath, being stronger than himself.

After taking a moment to collect themselves, they head to discuss things with Levantra and return the Core of Transference that they retrieved from the Feywild. The Chainbreakers begin making their way through town, where the zombie infestation that has overtaken Veritas seems to have been quieted down now that majority of the people are gone. As they pass by a tavern, the party hears yelling, and a wolf is chased out of the bar. Shortly after, a small gnome comes chasing after the wolf, inadvertently running into the party.

The gnome introduces himself as Tobar Tinkerfitz, and introduces the party to his wolf companion, Smokey. He mentioned that his main role is to make a name for himself, and it seemed like the party was off to do something important, so he asked if he could tag along.

The party made their way to the center of town, to City Hall, where Levantra was working in her study. After handing her the Core, time seemed to stand still as she took the orb and walked out of the room, sealing it behind her. A strange smelling purple gas began to fill the room and the party began to look for a way out.

While Jean and Voir start to look through the numerous bookshelves that lined the perimeter of the room, Lode took a more… direct approach and broke down the door with his axe. Convinced that Levantra was going to use the Core for nefarious acts, the group headed toward her manor, where they found the door open, and could hear rustling coming from downstairs.

The party sneaks down the hallway and peers into the room to see a man strapped to a table, with Levantra standing above him. She brings a dagger out and drives it through the mans chest, his blood filling the channels of the sacrificial table he was strapped to. To her left is an older looking half-elven man, who the party instantly recognize as Basil ‘Uud, the mysterious half-elf that told the party to head for Wileforge. Levantra handed the Core to Basil, who instantly teleported away, leaving the party alone with Levantra.

She turns, and raises the dagger, and reintroduces herself as Gavash Nightshade. She explains that she had ventured into Veritas several years ago and heard of a dangerous beholder that had taken residence in Eden’s Grasp. To prove herself to the city, she slew the beholder and was heralded as a hero for her actions. In secret, however, she discovered the cave underneath Eden’s Grasp and resurrected the beholder to ward off intruders.

The party attacks, and battle ensues. Gavash summoned a few zombies to aid her in battle, but they were no match for the party with their new friend, Tobar. Gavash Nightshade, also known as Levantra Szereban, was defeated.

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