Still in the lower floors of the Ancient Leviathan, Aesedra, the Chainbreakers come across an adventurer that […]
The Chainbreakers continue to explore the Ancient Leviathan, Aesedra, and come across a powerful foe, sworn to […]
The Chainbreakers part ways with their new mysterious friend and enter the ancient leviathan, Aesedra
The party comes face to face with Strahd von Zarovich as well as an old friend.
After a two week exploration of the city of Ravenbell, the Chainbreakers share their recent learnings and […]
The Chainbreakers seal a rift below the University. A legend is revealed.
After suffering the loss of their friends, Del and Gaius help Ireena and Ismark transport the bodies […]
The Hands of Justice follow a new ally to help his family. A strange visitor arrives at […]