Lode & Ryfir come face to face with death. The Mistcallers are forever changed. And Diabulus’ plan […]
Our heroes find themselves in the middle of an oncoming apocalypse. An unlikely alliance leads to fighting […]
The Mistcallers are back in Dry Gulch. An unlikely alliance forms. A new evil emerges.
Zav and Jeremy reconnect, a doll is found for the Vistani girl, and a kidnapping goes wrong
After arriving in Dry Gulch, the Chainbreakers see someone familiar, meet a new ally and a dangerous […]
The Chainbreakers continue on the way to Dry Gulch.
After the harrowing escape of Castle Ravenloft, the party attempts to find Ireena, and one member runs […]
After the dinner with Strahd, the party finds themselves unable to simply walk out the front door. […]
The party arrives at the Bonegrinder Mill, and receives an invitation to attend a dinner party with […]
The Chainbreakers fight their way through the remainder of the temple to Aesedra, and come face to […]