With Eldrag defeated, the caves of the Frostgauntlet begin to melt, and it’s only a matter of […]
The battle at the Festival of the Blazing Sun comes to an end. A compromise is made. […]
The party attends the Festival of the Blazing Sun, and not everything goes according to plan. At […]
An ally meets his demise. The party plans their next move politically. The Baron’s parade begins in […]
The party faces off against the terror of the Midalta Mountain, Eldrag.
The Chainbreakers enter the Frostgauntlet in search of brokering a deal with Eldrag, the White Demon
The Chainbreakers split the party. Lode loses a new friend. Tobar makes a few friends while hunting. […]
The Chainbreakers have a moral dilemma about a cat, befriend a giant and make their way to […]
The Chainbreakers recover after fighting off the apocalypse in Dry Gulch, become local heroes and set off […]
The party explores the origins of the ruler of the land, as they dive into the first […]