• Map – Lost Shrine – [48×49]

    Made with assets from 2MinuteTabletop, this cave based shrine served as the final destination for a one shot I recently ran. Piles of gold and riches litter the icy ground near these ancient shrine buildings. The shrine sits atop a stone island in a cave, surrounded by icy floes. Does a dragon now call this […]

  • Map – Crystal Pools

    The Frostgauntlet, a region in Ercellonia, are known to be filled with glacial caves that shift and reform on a regular basis. This cave in particular, filled with luminous white crystals, bounce light around the icy walls. The first of the two downloads provides two high quality PNG versions of this map – one gridded […]

  • Map – Festival Alleys

    The narrow alleys of this night town lead to some intense close quarters combat! Assets made by 2MinuteTabletop. Download includes the map in PNG format, as well as a Foundry-ready export!