Session 6: Do You Speak Draconic?

After being invited to a celebratory party, the Chainbreakers spent their afternoon preparing for the party for the high nobility of Wileforge and start off by buying some new apparel. After learning a bit about Ryfir’s peculiar hair, they make their way to the Ironbeard Manor to be celebrated by the city. Along the way, the party checked a nearby quest board to see if there were any tasks that they could help with. They found one, written in Draconic, which no one spoke. Voir took it upon himself to ask anyone he came across if they could translate the Draconic, but to no avail.

At the party, the group meets the Cloud Council, a collection of the rulers of nearby cities that work together to ensure peace throughout their lands. One of these council members was Corby Skiprock, the leader of the town of Dardon. Jean became instant friends with Corby’s approachable nature. They also had an encounter with Remcast, a prominent figure in Balkas Wave’s past. After overhearing a conversation regarding the transfer of 12 “units” between Remcast and a mysterious figure, Zorander Rex, Balkas lets the party know of the impending caravan.  

Jean, wanting to keep tabs on the situation, introduced himself and the rest of the Chainbreakers to Zorander who invited them to “try out” for the role of protecting the caravan on its way to Veritas. After a quick battle with some of Zorander’s lackeys, Zorander seemed impressed with their battle skill, but wasn’t convinced to allow them to accompany the travel of their caravan with their cargo.

At this news, Balkas attacked Zorander while in bear form and a second fight broke out. Zorander held his own, alone, nearly taking out Balkas, and severely injuring several other party members. Tensions eventually dissipated, and Zorander and his group, the Mistcallers, heading out with their caravan to Veritas.  

The Chainbreakers then headed to Dwynn Foehand, the Valor Guard commander in Wileforge and let him know of the situation. Foehand, having had history with Zorander Rex, gave the group a cart of their own to travel with. Foehand explained that Rex had previously been part of the Valor Guard, but was passed over for a promotion. Rex had become close with some of the upper leadership of the Guard, and his lack of promotion was seen as a slight, leaving a fairly contentious relationship with the Mistcallers’ leader.

Arcas Swill was the next stop, which is where the party met Tyrrath Shadowhorn, a tiefling warlock, who agreed to join them on their adventure. The party, including Tyrrath, headed out to Veritas to catch up to Zorander Rex and attempt to recover whatever the 12 “units” were.

Session 5: Enchanted, I’m Sure

The Chainbreakers find themselves in the study at the bottom of the Bullywug Tower, having just broken a mysterious glowing white orb. Aside from a cryptic note from a Gavash Nightshade, there doesn’t seem to be much of interest in the room. A lever is pulled, revealing a tunnel that led down into the sewers beneath the city of Wileforge. 

Using his Alchemist’s Fire glove to light the way, Lode found more and more spiderwebs along the walls of the tunnel, which lead into a large cistern where the group fought off a planeshifting phase spider. Lode struck the killing blow by causing its internal pressure to build to a point where it exploded, only to look up and catch the brief glimpse of a cloaked figure running away.  

Upon giving chase, the group catches up, only to find out that it was Enchanter Amalvis Vidal. Amalvis admits to being the one responsible for the charm placed on the Bullywugs, and a fight ensues. Both Ryfir and Jean come to the brink of death before Amalvis is finally struck down and pushed off a ledge into the cavern below. Lode climbed down into a large open cave and found a half elf skull, seemingly there for quite a long time.  

The next morning, the Chainbreakers are summoned to the Valor Guard barracks by Commander Dwynn Foehand, who invites them to a party at the manor of Ulfric Ironbeard, the town noble. After some light shopping for fancy outfits and getting ready for the party, the group heads across town to the event.  

Session 4: Something’s Amiss in the Rodist Vale

We find our party standing out in the cold streets of Wileforge, late in the night, with Balkas Wave standing over the body of a Misty Order assassin. The party, shaken from being attacked, snuck back to the hotel and started to determine a name. Balkas’ first suggestion was “Homewreckers. Estimated 835PD”, which was quickly thrown out, as Estimated is not the same as Established. Instead, the party goes with the title Chainbreakers, named after the magical chains they broke in Chestanoke Rock, releasing the mages.

That night, Voir fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about his mentor, Grim. He dreamt of the city of Ravenbell, and a hidden study that Grim snuck off to when no one was looking. Through the dream, which played out more like a vision, he saw that Grim was researching the cult known as the Misty Order as well.

The next morning, the party sets out to find Amalvis Vidal, the enchanter who owns The Misty Curtain, only to find him missing. His assistant, Markus, informs the party of Amalvis’ time spent out near Bullywug Tower.  

The party heads into the Rodist Vale Swamp to investigate claims of cult activity and to find Amalvis Vidal. After a battle with some lightly armored Bullywugs, the party sees the Mendlehorn Lighthouse and meet Faramond Seibold. Faramond, an odd hermit, mentions that the Bullywugs seem more regulated and militaristic compared to their fun loving selves. This, combined with the glossy eyes that the Bullywugs seemed to have during the battle, led the party to believe they were charmed.  

After approaching the Bullywug tower and fighting off a patrol of Bullywug soldiers, the captain of the Bullywugs approached the party to surrender. The charm spell appeared to falter on him temporarily, which gave him enough clarity of mind and he no longer wanted to fight.

The party entered the Bullywug Tower, found their way through an enchanted hallway puzzle, and stumbled upon a small study. In the center of the room, a glowing white orb sat upon a tripod. Jean, convinced that this orb was the source of the Bullywug charm, pushed the orb off the tripod, shattering it into a thousand pieces. A bright light filled the room, and nothing but a light smoke emanated from the remaining glass shards.  Unsure if he accidentally destroyed the lives of all of the bullywugs around, or saved the day, Jean takes a breath.

Session 3: Who Is Arcas Swill?

Our party finds themselves standing over a slain peryton after its attack at the Festival of Creation. A Valor Guard Lieutenant approaches the group, thanks the party for their help and suggests that they go see his supervisor for more information. After a brief spat with Jean, the Valor Guard and the party go their separate ways.  

Back at the Helmshead Tavern, the party rests for a bit and heads out to the barracks to meet the Valor Guard Captain in the town, Dwynn Foehand, who warned them of the criminality of a shadowy figure known as Arcas Swill, and the cult activity affecting the bullywugs near the lighthouse. 

Meanwhile, Ryfir and Voir headed to an enchantment shop called The Misty Curtain and met Amalvis Vidal, a mysterious shop keeper with a suspicious trinket. Amalvis seemed welcoming, if not a little shady, and provided little information as to the cult activity.   

Once the party returned to the Helmshead Tavern, they were met by a mid-20s human named Jandar, who led them to Arcas Swill, a kindly criminal mastermind with a seemingly extensive network of adventurers under his employ.  

Upon leaving Arcas’ bar, Balkas noticed movement in the shadows – two assassins stalking the party. After noticing something familiar about them, Balkas leapt into motion and attacked one of them causing the other to flee. On the dead assassins body was a token Balkas was all too familiar with – the symbol of a dark cult, The Misty Order. 

Session 2: Festival of Creation

Our adventurers set off for Wileforge after being told by Basil ‘Uud of some activity in the city that seemed reminiscent of the Shrouded Alignment. On the way to the large port city, the party encountered a wandering wild cow that fled when approached, thinking it was a dangerous monster.

Once they reached Wileforge, the group split up to investigate the cult activity. Lode and Balkas headed to the local tavern, the Helmshead Inn, and Voir went in search of an enchanter for magic supplies.  After restocking, Voir learned of a second enchanter in town that may have additional information about the mysterious activity that they came to investigate. Jean and Ryfir headed to the Temple of the Cog, and learned more about Erathis, the goddess of civilization, inventions and law, and that the Festival of Creation was the next day. Lode and Balkas asked around for information in the tavern before resorting to drinking lots of ale.  

Once the party regrouped at the tavern, a mysterious hooded figure introduced himself, indicating that his employer, Arcas Swill, wants to meet with the party the next night, after the Festival of Creation.  

At the Festival of Creation, the group competed in several games and won a few small trinkets and prizes. The festivities were interrupted halfway through, however, by a deafening screech. A peryton that had been brought in as part of the festival had escaped from its cage and had begun attacking the festival goers.

Session 1: Danger in Duskwall

Jean, a halfling bard, Voir, a human wizard, Lode, a half-orc barbarian, Ryfir, a human monk and Balkas, a half-elf druid awake in the back of a trading cart. They don’t remember too much about the night before, outside of being at a bar, and having a few drinks. Balkin, the driver of the cart, explains that they’re heading to a small port town called Duskwall, and that there’s a missing young girl named Emily.

He doesn’t have much time to explain before the cart is ambushed by a small band of goblins. The newly formed party makes quick work of the attackers before continuing their way onto the town of Duskwall.

Through some exploration around town, they find that Emily loved to play near Chestanoke Rock, a local natural rock formation. At Chestanoke Rock, the party finds 5 figures chained, using magical manacles, to pillars around a glowing cauldron. The figures all resemble Emily, the missing girl. The party pick one of the figures to release from the chains, but the figure changes into a decrepit looking old man who snaps his fingers, opening the other chains, releasing everyone in the room. The real Emily falls to the ground while the other 3 figures all begin to teleport away.

The party returns Emily to her parents, and before leaving, Jean, convinced that the parents knew something of the figures that vanished, held the parents at knifepoint. Scared, the parents cowered at the threat, and maintained that they knew nothing – only that they’re happy their daughter has returned.

Upon returning to Duskwall, the party encounter a mysterious old elven man, who introduces himself as Basil ‘Uud. Basil warns the party that these figures were mages that were locked away long ago – mages who had served the Dark Prince, Diabulus. He suggests traveling to Wileforge, a nearby city, as there have been rumors that the Shrouded Alignment have been operating out of that city. He explains that the Shrouded Alignment are a cult dedicated to restoring Diabulus to power, and that they’re a dangerous group to look out for.

The party begins heading off toward Wileforge to investigate.