The Chainbreakers find themselves in a safe haven, and Ryfir finds who he’s been looking for
The party, along with the famed wizard, Mordenkainen, attempt to stop a ritual
The Chainbreakers, in search of their lost friend, enter the city of Oar’s Rest, determined to fight […]
The mind of the Mad Mage continues to throw obstacles in front of our party. Can they […]
The Chainbreakers arrive in Oar’s Rest. Well, most of them do, anyway.
The party heads deep into this magical realm and tries to fight their way out.
Come join us as Tyler, Mike, Steve, Matt and Tom recap the first 4 episodes of the […]
A party encounters a new face, and start to make their way through a perilous storm to […]
Having escaped the Frostgauntlet, the Chainbreakers make their way back to Brashev and decide what their next […]
A rift forms within the party. Some wounds run deeper than what magic can heal.