Made with assets from 2MinuteTabletop, this cave based shrine served as the final destination for a one […]
The Frostgauntlet, a region in Ercellonia, are known to be filled with glacial caves that shift and […]
The narrow alleys of this night town lead to some intense close quarters combat! Assets made by […]
This snowy canyon river is a perfect spot for an ambush, either by your players, or by […]
After finishing with up at the Bareth University of Magic in Ravenbell, we pick up with The […]
The Chainbreakers have spent a few weeks exploring the city of Ravenbell. Ryfir spends his time at […]
Deep beneath the Bareth University of Magic in Ravenbell, the Chainbreakers come across some monstrous creatures that […]
The Chainbreakers discuss the state of Placido Mahet’s condition with Ir-Kaid. The young boy has some form […]
A rift forms between the Chainbreakers as the man who became a wereboar is stabilized. Jean sternly […]
The Chainbreakers have defeated the necromancer Gavash Nightshade and stand in her alchemical laboratory. Despite being underground, […]