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Session 15: The Seer

The Chainbreakers have spent a few weeks exploring the city of Ravenbell. Ryfir spends his time at the library, studying to find any mention of the Leviathans, or any ties to his own clan’s history. He also spends time training using wooden weapons, with Lode. Jean introduces Tal to the rest of the party. Through Tal, the party finds their way to a shop owned by a Mord Glimbane. Mord runs a magic shop with a number of oddities – taxidermied animals, mundane looking items that appear to have magical significance, and a number of oddly colored potions. Mord pulls out an ash-covered scroll case and attempts to sell it to Voir. Voir tries to bargain, but Jean steps in and assures Voir that Mord should be trusted. Voir buys the scroll case and pockets it for later, wanting to open it in private.

Tobar sees if there’s anything that Mord has that he would be interested in, and Mord offers a pair of vials, containing a bright, cloudy liquid. Tobar, unsure if he could fully trust Mord, agrees to take it only if Mord takes it as well. For the first few minutes, nothing happens, but Tobar begins to see some of the taxidermied animals come to life. He attacks them and almost hits Jean in the process. Mord, on the other hand, retreats under a blanket, attempting to hide from invisible monsters he’s now seeing all around him. The two of them hide in the back room, afraid of the monsters that seem to be attacking them.

While Mord and Tobar are hallucinating from the drugs they took, Ryfir swipes a couple of the items that Mord had for sale – a gold inlayed bedpan, and a mirror that doesn’t show reflections of people. Upon further inspection, he realizes that the mirror is a Mirror of True Sight, and the bedpan is a Bedpan of Augury.

Jean shares that the location of the Leviathan is believed to be under the market within Ravenbell, which piques Tobar’s attention. Tobar explains that during his weeks exploring the city, he made his way underneath the city and found a glowing blue mineral called Heladonite.

Ryfir mentions that his research has found the name of the Leviathan, Aesedra, but no one seems to have heard of this name before. He also discovered that these Leviathans are currently dormant – that each one is a being that can be awoken and activated. Ryfir also came across a group that was responsible for working with the Leviathans and banishing Diabulus the first time around, but there was no name associated with them. That’s when Jean shares that the name for the group is the Order of the Seraph.

Mord and Tal are close friends, and during the two weeks that the party spent exploring the city, the two of them had brought Jean into the backroom to induct him into a secret organization known as the Order of the Seraph. They explain that the Order of the Seraph was responsible for the fall of Diabulus hundreds of years ago. Tal explained that one of the Ancient Leviathans that brought Diabulus down is here in Ravenbell, and activating it will be the first step toward preventing the second rise of the Dark Prince.

Tobar offers to lead the party to a door that he had found in his exploration, carved with runes that said “Speak my name”. Now armed with several names to try, the party heads toward the market, hoping to activate an Ancient Leviathan.

As the party enters the market, they feel like they’re being watched. They spot an half-elf attempting to stay hidden, drawing something on parchment in their hand. Tobar quickly lets Jean know they’re being watched and the party splits up to try and encircle the individual. Having been spotted, the individual runs, and the party gives chase. Jean picks up the dropped parchment, and Lode heads after the individual, tackling them to the ground.

Jean looks at the parchment and finds a series of drawings of the party, but in places that they haven’t been yet, or from things that have been revealed to the group. One appears to be Lode bringing his axe down on an unsuspecting mercenary. Another was of the party in a very ornate room, discussing a matter with a well dressed man. The person, clearly flustered, is worried that by being observed by the party, they’ve ruined the timeline and events from here on out will be messed up.

The person invites them back to their house for tea to pay it back to them. The tent they lead the party to is covered in parchment drawings of more of these depictions of the party. The person introduces themselves as Draem who says they can see the future, but not just the future, but all possibilities. They suddenly pull out another piece of parchment and sketch another picture. They also grab a drawing from off the wall, crumple it up and say it isn’t going to happen any further.

They explain that they were mugged, and as they lied dying, they reached out to any god that would listen, and Ioun responded. They woke up in an inn nearby, and could no longer see the events happening around them, but could now see every possible future that impacted the Chainbreakers.

Draem then walks over and puts the drawing they just finished on up on the wall. It shows the party standing on a hillside looking out over the city of Portsford as several dragons fly over head, wreaking havoc on the city below.

Session 14: Sealing the Rift

Deep beneath the Bareth University of Magic in Ravenbell, the Chainbreakers come across some monstrous creatures that seem to be coming from a rift into another plane. The creatures, complete with featureless faces, aside from a mouth, lumber over to attack the party. However, when one falls, the body turns into ash and blows away. From where it stood, a large, hulking, jellyfish-like creature takes its place. The Dybbuks moved from corpse to corpse around the room, giving the party a tough challenge to finish them off. After a few rounds of combat, even more of these creatures, including some of the arcane leeches, began to pour through the rift.

Jean finds a circular metal device with arms embedded into one of the walls. In the center of this device appears to be a gem giving off the same glow as the rift that the creatures are pouring through. Jean and Lode attempt to pull the gem out, but it’s pretty well embedded in the device. Voir warns against pulling gems out of random devices that they find, referencing back to the mages that they had unwittingly unleashed.

Tobar comes to inspect the device and find out how the gem is embedded in the device and finds that it’s held in there through magical means. The group decides to take a short rest, allowing Jean to then cast Dispel Magic, and the gem pops out harmlessly, closing the rift behind them.

Once the party heads back to the university, they run into Headmaster Klarhan Vulenor, who is a little surprised to see them. He explains that Voir was about to be expelled, and he was the one vote on the board to try and keep him at the school. He brings them back to his office, and the party meets two other professors, Professor Mortem and Professor Sucresong. Professor Mortem had clearly had it out for Voir, while Professor Sucresong wanted to keep Voir around.

As the party describes the creatures they fought to the staff, Headmaster Vulenor’s color drains from his face. He retrieves a small box from his desk and hands it to Voir. In it, there’s a silver ring with three slots – two of them empty, and the third, filled with a fairly large sapphire stone. He calls it Bastion’s Ring.

Jean brings up the blood moon, and Vulenor indicates that the university might be dealing with something much larger than what they’ve accounted for. He had heard rumors of Diabulus’ return, and didn’t think anything of it. But with the rifts that they’re seeing, along with the blood moon’s occurrence, it’s far too coincidental to be anything else. Vulenor goes on to explain that during Diabulus’ first rise, he sent these Dybbuks as scouts, finding hot spots of magic energy, often along the magical ley lines that ran across the world of Tralios. Within 3 days of a hot spot being located, the area would turn into a permanent twilight/night, and the souls from the plane that Diabulus came from would pour out, invading the area.

The way Diabulus was stopped before, according to Vulenor, was through the connection and activation of several powerful magical beings that harnessed the power of the ley lines, known as Ancient Leviathans. One of these Ancient Leviathans was rumored to be right there in Ravenbell, as multiple ley lines converged in this area.

Professor Sucresong explains that the five mages that the party released were Diabulus’ closest followers, and that they would do anything to restore him to power. The mages and Diabulus operated out of a city on the eastern side of Ercellonia, called Revantis. After the fall of Diabulus, his castle and domain were left, but the city was renamed Comanil to avoid the dark associations.

The party decides to head back to a dorm to regroup, and they plan to stay with in Ravenbell for a few weeks to prepare for the coming apocalypse.

Session 13: Ir-Kaid’s Folly

The Chainbreakers discuss the state of Placido Mahet’s condition with Ir-Kaid. The young boy has some form of curse on him, but there isn’t a clear idea of what it could be. Ir-Kaid explains that he’s been researching the connection between demi-planes and the prime Material Plane. He made a breakthrough a few days ago, discovering that all planes are connected from a singular point – through the City of Doors. The leeches, he explains, come from a demiplane that he had found while exploring the City of Doors. He had tried to get away from them, but they followed him back to this plane. Ir-Kaid made a planar gate within the university, and once he returned from the City of Doors, he found that several leeches had found their way through.

After sealing the gate, he killed the leeches that made their way through, but several escaped and multiplied, and by time he found out, several of them had attached on to Placido, leaving him in this comatose-like state. The party then splits up to find Skolthir, as well as investigate the planar gate that Ir-Kaid mentioned. In the office that Ir-Kaid opened the planar gate, Tobar takes a look at a leech that Ir-Kaid had taken for study to find where it was storing the arcane energy it sapped.

Skolthir indicates that Placido’s condition is reminiscent of the conditions of the Magic Jar spell – that Placido’s soul has been removed from his body. Skolthir mentions that he can try and reverse it, but he needs a special root from a cave in Ravenbell. As Skolthir is looking over Placido, Ir-Kaid mentions that he hired a group of individuals to get rid of the problem, outside of the university’s knowledge, and in return, the leader of the group did not want money – just knowledge. The leader, according to Ir-Kaid, came from Comanil, and was named Albus Idu. Albus desired to learn about the beings known as Ancient Leviathans. They were protectors of Ercellonia, and were sealed away when they were no longer active.

The party decides to take a long rest back at their inn, as they’re all in rough shape. That night, the inn has a musical performer. A lute is left on the stage while the performer gets ready backstage, and Jean recognizes the lute immediately – it’s from his mentor and friend, Tal Whelp. Jean heads upstairs and finds his friend, and the two of them spend the rest of the night talking.

In the morning, Tal tells Jean to meet him later that afternoon, as there’s something important to show him, and the party heads back to the university. At the university, while everyone else heads to discuss retrieval of the root with Skolthir, Voir initially heads to the secret study that he saw in his vision, only to find that Grim had been developing spells that dealt with Oneiromancy, or dream magic.

Skolthir indicates that the root that he requires has a very limited usefulness after it’s picked, and that it’ll need to quickly be returned to the university after it’s been picked. The group heads to the cave where the root is located, and comes in contact with a creature that’s telepathically communicating that they’re hungry. Jean casts Tiny Hut, while Tobar and Ryfir try to find ways to kill the creature from the safety of the hut. After a few minutes, Lode tosses a few rations, and the creature begins to eat, content.

The rations provide just enough of a distraction for the group to sneak past the creature, which they can now tell is an otyugh. Ryfir retrieves the root and immediately races back toward the university, dodging citizens and navigating narrow streets on the way back. He arrives just in time, and Skolthir is able to make the tonic. He gives the mixture to Placido, and life begins to return to his form. Ir-Kaid thanks the Chainbreakers for their help in saving his son, and pledges to vacate his position within the university and leave.

With the young boy safe, the group heads down into the area Ir-Kaid had indicated that the group of hired individuals had left into, leading down into the sewers below the university. Tattered robes appeared to be all that remained of these individuals, as the party pressed further in. As the party heads down into the sewers further, they find a pair of fully drained drow, which is highly unusual for this area. They push through a little bit further into a large cavern and find a number of bodies littered on the ground next to the sewer. As they investigate the bodies, they see that the left hands have been cut off. Slowly, the heads of the bodies start to turn to face the party. Featureless faces, save for a mouth, look back at the group. A smile creeps across the mouths of these beings, with the mouth opening further and further, until there’s an impossibly deep void in each one. The creatures begin to scream, and as they do, what appear to be dozens of human arms start to reach out from the impossible void, and they begin to attack.

Session 12: Strange Dreams

A rift forms between the Chainbreakers as the man who became a wereboar is stabilized. Jean sternly chastised Tobar for firing the arrow into the tied up man, saying that the Chainbreakers do not murder. Tobar quickly responded, saying that since meeting up with the Chainbreakers, it seems like that’s really all they do. Jean sees that Lode had been attacked by the wereboar, and in an attempt to prevent the spread of the curse, he casts Lesser Restoration. It seems to have some effect, but it’s not entirely clear if it’s prevented the curse from spreading.

The party continues on toward Swordbreak, the town in between Veritas and Ravenbell. Before reaching Swordbreak, the party sets up camp for the night and Jean gives Lode his first ever birthday present – a small hair brush. Despite not knowing what it is, Lode’s very thankful, and they head to bed. Tobar, taking first watch, notices that the moon is full, and a dark blood red, which is highly unusual. Ryfir and Tobar stay up and talk about the moon, and discuss why Tobar’s decided to join the party. According to Tobar, he’s out to make a name for himself, and because he owes the party a drink, he’s determined to stay with them until he’s able to repay that debt. Tobar mentions that his father was in the military, but never returned from being deployed. During the second watch, Lode and Voir talk about Voir’s history in Ravenbell, and his time at the school. Lode talked about his desire to stay away from home, and that he’s not really out adventuring for a specific purpose.

The next day, on their way to Swordbreak, they see two figures coming up the road, and Jean acknowledges them passing. There’s an older halfling man, with a younger assistant. Jean strikes up a conversation, and finds that the man is a follower of Bahamut, and the party lets them all pass. The man blesses the party on his way, and sends them off.

After some deliberation, the party decides to tie the wereboar man, heal him and question him. The man said he was on his way to Dardon or Oakenpoint that could heal his curse. Jean tries to untie him and let him free, but Voir stops him until they’re able to guarantee that the man isn’t going to attack. After further questions, they decide to let the man free, and he heads off south, toward Dardon.

The Chainbreakers make it to Swordbreak and find a tavern to stay in. Ryfir makes his way to the inn and sends some letters to folks in his clan. Voir stops by an alchemical supply store and restocks his component pouch. At this alchemist, they put in a request to fulfill the job posting they had found in Wileforge that was written in Draconic. The posting was to gather a number of raw animal parts and bring them to Ravenbell. Voir requested to receive notice via mail when the various pieces became available.

The party decides to stay in Swordbreak that night, and each have a disturbing dream. Voir has a dream of Grim, his mentor, only when he turns around, the face he sees is that of someone from Voir’s past. Jean has a dream of Tal, meeting him outside of a city, but as soon as he reaches out to touch him, Tal disappears. Tobar dreams of his father, standing in front of him, disappointed in what he sees. Lode dreams of each of the faces of everyone he’s killed, and hears screaming as the faces twist into a grisly smile. Ryfir dreams of his clan, with fire overtaking much of their encampment, with Breili standing in the center of camp.

The group discusses their rough night of dreams, and head off to Ravenbell. They reach the city later that day, without any notable events, but upon their entry, they head to a tavern. Jean asks the barkeep about Tal, and learns that Tal had been in the area within the last week, and the last place he had seen Tal was off toward the north end of the city. On their way to investigate, they run into a group of cloaked figures, heading toward the university, moving in quite a panic. The party splits up, with Ryfir, Tobar, and Voir heading after the figures, while Lode and Jean head after where Tal was headed.

At the bridge, Jean finds a small lockbox with a note left in it from Tal, encouraging him to continue learning and growing as a person. Jean gets an idea and heads back to rejoin the group. Meanwhile, Ryfir, Tobar and Voir head to the Bareth University of Magic, and see the cloaked figures rush onto the main campus. They head into the university’s main hall after the figures, and start to see students around campus begin to collapse. Tobar sends a message to Jean and Lode to hurry up and get to the university.

Near the student, a translucent leech appears to slink off the student, seemingly satisfied with its meal. Before the group has a chance to react, however, slime starts to pool up out of a sewer grate, forming into a large cube, which attacks. During the battle, Voir comes in contact with a leech, which attempts to drain Voir’s magical essence. He realizes that if he loses all of his magical essence, the leech will kill him. The Chainbreakers fight off the attacking parasites, and the headmaster opens the main hall doors, thanking the group for saving the students.

The various staff members of the university gather together to talk about what to do next. Ir-Kaid Mahet, the assistant headmaster, describes the situation as helpless – that creatures are pouring in through a portal from another plane, and that the magic-sapping abilities from the leeches have made it to where students are at risk of death. While promising to look into the issue, the group petitions the professor of divine magic, Skolthir, to help remove the curse on Lode. In exchange, they give Skolthir the dagger retrieved from Amalvis Vidal, which emits a radiant glow when Skolthir picks it up.

As the party heads to their room and board within the University, provided in gratitude for saving the students, they find a young boy named Placido. His breathing is shallow and faint, and his skin appears pruned and taut against his bones, as if he was severely dehydrated. Ir-Kaid arrives, and his demeanor changes from gruff and distant, to sad and broken as he says “I believe I might be responsible for what’s happening at the university”.

Session 11: Voir’s Wild Ride

The Chainbreakers have defeated the necromancer Gavash Nightshade and stand in her alchemical laboratory. Despite being underground, natural light start to come through two large window-like cutouts in the wall. One appeared to be of Ravenbell, while the other is one the party is not familiar with. Interactions with these “windows” shows that they’re illusory. Voir revealed that he has a small mouse companion with him that hadn’t been previously revealed.

The party takes what they can from the lab and attempts to cover their tracks by destroying the now dead form of Levantra, mostly through blunt means. After much deliberation, the group decides that their best way out of the mess they’ve created is to walk out of the mayor’s manor as if nothing had happened. They pass a few Valor Guard soldiers who take up watch outside of the manor, pledging themselves to wait for when Levantra returns.

After heading back to Eden’s Grasp, Jean creates a Tiny Hut to have a safe space to take a long rest. In the morning, the party has a discussion to determine where to go next. They could follow up with the recently evacuated citizens and head to Ytterheim, they could head to Dardon to visit Corby Skiprock, a halfling member of the Cloud Council, or they could head to Ravenbell to visit the university that Voir attended. After much deliberation, the party decided to head toward Ravenbell.

However, due to lack of supplies, the party tries to head back into town to restock, which started an entirely new debate: how does the party head into town without Levantra with them? Voir comes up with a plan: rush past the recently stationed guards outside Levantra’s manor, head down into the basement where the party had left Levantra’s body, hope that the guards follow, cast Fireball, and then Invisibility, and sneak away, burning the manor down behind him after he leaves. Jean’s immediately onboard with the idea, and the rest of the party is a little more wary of why the plan is needed in the first place. With some convincing, the party heads out.

Tobar and Ryfir decide to stay behind in the woods, not fully onboard with getting into the mix. Jean and Lode follow Voir to the gates outside the city, where three Valor Guard stand watch. Jean casts Hypnotic Pattern, first trying to get the guards to round up all of the guards in the city and head out into the woods, claiming Levantra was in trouble, but then quickly changing direction and suggests having all of the guards gather at the gate.

Voir heads further into town only to see a Valor Guard soldier walk out from inside the manor. Ditching the plan entirely, Voir casts Flaming Sphere, creating a large fireball hovering above the heads of the people in the town walking by the manor. The Valor Guard in front of the house attempt to stop Voir from entering the house, drawing their swords. Voir quickly changes his appearance make it look like three copies of Levantra are attempting to enter the house. Instead, one of the Valor Guard grabs Voir and restrains him. In a response, Voir attempts to cast Sleep on the Valor Guard holding him. The remaining guards attempt to attack since Voir knocked a guard unconscious. Disguised as Levantra, Voir tries to convince the Valor Guard to check out the basement, and they hesitantly walk down the stairs. As soon as they’re out of reach, he casts a Fireball on their location, burning them to a crisp and lighting the manor on fire. Voir turns, becomes invisible, and sneaks off away from the town.

The party regroups outside of town and begins their journey off toward Ravenbell. Several hours into their journey, they see a figure off in the distance. As they get closer, they see a figure draped in torn leather armor, lumbering towards them. The ground starts to rumble, and right off the sides of the road, two large Ankhegs burst forth and attacked the figure. Enraged, the figure began to charge at the ankhegs, and as the party got even closer, they saw that the figure was a man with boar-ish features.

After defeating the ankhegs, the party turned their attention to the boar-man, who charged at the group and attacked Lode. The man was a wereboar, and he had passed the curse onto Lode. Soon, the wereboar was subdued and tied up by the party. The party questioned him and found out about his curse, and his neverending rage. Tobar, unconvinced that the man could be saved, put an arrow in him.

Lode began to hear whispers and promises of power, and the rest of the party immediately became concerned about Lode’s well being.

Session 10: Gavash Nightshade

NOTE: This recap takes place between Session 9: Druidic Focus (episode 10 on the podcast), and Session 11: Voir’s Wild Ride do not appear on the podcast feed due to missing audio files. The only source of the recap are now these posts.

A gem falls to the floor. Balkas and Remcast vanish into a blink of light. They’re gone. Trapped inside the gem is the warlock, Tyrrath Shadowhorn, an ally to the party known as the Chainbreakers. The cathedral like throne room inside Eden’s Grasp falls silent and the party is stunned. Jean picks up the gem that held Tyrrath, while Lode tried to plead the case that it should be left behind, as Lode didn’t particularly care for Tyrrath, being stronger than himself.

After taking a moment to collect themselves, they head to discuss things with Levantra and return the Core of Transference that they retrieved from the Feywild. The Chainbreakers begin making their way through town, where the zombie infestation that has overtaken Veritas seems to have been quieted down now that majority of the people are gone. As they pass by a tavern, the party hears yelling, and a wolf is chased out of the bar. Shortly after, a small gnome comes chasing after the wolf, inadvertently running into the party.

The gnome introduces himself as Tobar Tinkerfitz, and introduces the party to his wolf companion, Smokey. He mentioned that his main role is to make a name for himself, and it seemed like the party was off to do something important, so he asked if he could tag along.

The party made their way to the center of town, to City Hall, where Levantra was working in her study. After handing her the Core, time seemed to stand still as she took the orb and walked out of the room, sealing it behind her. A strange smelling purple gas began to fill the room and the party began to look for a way out.

While Jean and Voir start to look through the numerous bookshelves that lined the perimeter of the room, Lode took a more… direct approach and broke down the door with his axe. Convinced that Levantra was going to use the Core for nefarious acts, the group headed toward her manor, where they found the door open, and could hear rustling coming from downstairs.

The party sneaks down the hallway and peers into the room to see a man strapped to a table, with Levantra standing above him. She brings a dagger out and drives it through the mans chest, his blood filling the channels of the sacrificial table he was strapped to. To her left is an older looking half-elven man, who the party instantly recognize as Basil ‘Uud, the mysterious half-elf that told the party to head for Wileforge. Levantra handed the Core to Basil, who instantly teleported away, leaving the party alone with Levantra.

She turns, and raises the dagger, and reintroduces herself as Gavash Nightshade. She explains that she had ventured into Veritas several years ago and heard of a dangerous beholder that had taken residence in Eden’s Grasp. To prove herself to the city, she slew the beholder and was heralded as a hero for her actions. In secret, however, she discovered the cave underneath Eden’s Grasp and resurrected the beholder to ward off intruders.

The party attacks, and battle ensues. Gavash summoned a few zombies to aid her in battle, but they were no match for the party with their new friend, Tobar. Gavash Nightshade, also known as Levantra Szereban, was defeated.

Session 9: Druidic Focus

While searching for the dark wizard, Gavash Nightshade, the Chainbreakers have found their way to the Feywild, looking for an artifact known as the Core of Transference. According to Levantra, the leader of the town of Veritas, the Core is an object that is said to be able to protect the city in some way. Upon entering the Feywild, they spotted a satyr, hiding in the bushes.  

After some coaxing, and him nearly walking away entirely without providing any help, the satyr and the Chainbreakers agreed to a deal – the Chainbreakers wouldn’t take him to the nearby city, and in return he’d show the group the way to the Illegar Spire, the supposed location of the Core.  

At the Spire, a large stone structure that had been weathered and beaten down over many years of abandonment, the party found a glowing orb embedded in the rear wall of a massive sanctuary, surrounded by statues of various animals and beasts. When Jean reached out to touch a statue, he polymorphed into the animal he touched. Immediately, the rest of the group was put on edge, unwilling to touch anything else in the room. Voir looked to leave, but was unable. Eventually, with some convincing, the rest of the group touched various other statues and also turned into some of the larger animals around the room. Once the five of them were in animal form, the other animal statues came to life and attacked! The Chainbreakers proceeded to fight off the rest of the statues, and when the final animal fell, the group was changed back into their normal forms.

With the Core of Transference now in hand, the group made their way out of the Feywild. Back in the Eden’s Grasp, Levantra was no where to be found. The party found a note, giving them the deed to the stronghold, Eden’s Grasp, and headed back toward the entrance. In the large throne room, at the base of the tree that pushed through the ceiling, Remcast, an evil wizard from Balkas’, past stood in wait. After a brief exchange that left Tyrrath trapped inside of a gem, power surged within Balkas, and from an unknown source, he cast Plane Shift to teleport both him and Remcast to another plane leaving the party in stunned silence.  

Session 8: Evacuating the City

The Chainbreakers, a band of adventurers formed through odd circumstances and attempting to find a dark wizard named Gavash Nightshade, head to explore Eden’s Grasp, a stronghold outside of the city of Veritas. They were told that strange activity had been seen around the stronghold, and that screams were coming from that direction, audibly heard from the town of Veritas itself.

Eden’s Grasp lie across a river, and stood 4 stories tall. Rumor was that the stronghold was used in the wars leading to the Invoked Devastation, hundreds of years ago. The Devastation, as it was more commonly referred to, was an act of the gods separating themselves from the Material Plane, as the mortals on the Material Plane had begun to wage wars to win the affection, and therefore, the gifts/powers of the gods.

The ground floor of the Eden’s Grasp had a large tree in the center of what was once a great hall. Now, the tree pushed through the ceiling, letting bits of light pour in. Heading downstairs first, the party came across a magically darkened room, finding their way through a puzzle, based on etchings on the walls. Lode, without much thought beforehand, rushed through into the dark and immediately triggered a trap, causing himself a bit of damage. Voir, being the most careful, waited for the others to solve the puzzle before moving through himself.

As they passed through the darkened room, they found a hallway with a hole in the wall that opened into a cavernous room. They could hear the river up above, as the water rushed over the rocks, and drops of water fell from the cracks in the hollowed out room. At the other end of the room, the party could make out a stone entryway, and upon entering it, found what appeared to be a sacrificial chamber of some kind. Floating in the center of the room, however, was a zombified beholder.

Despite being a tough battle, the Chainbreakers bested the beholder and began to search the room. Finding scraps of evidence that tied this room back to Gavash Nightshade, the party set off in search of where this evil necromancer was located.

The party turned their attention upstairs to the upper quarters and the library.  After finding a book of planar travel with a page torn regarding the Nine Hells, the Chainbreakers travelled back to Veritas to check in with Levantra, the head of the city.

Nilus, a small gnome that was caught spying on the group, gave Jean a book from Tal, his former mentor, that mentioned that Tal was survived the shipwreck that was thought to have killed him, and that he made his way to Ravenbell, where the Bareth University of Magic is located. 

The Chainbreakers made their way to the barracks in Veritas, where they found a prisoner they suspected was being wrongly accused of necromancy. The Valor Guard had locked him up in suspicion with the zombies that had taken over majority of the city. The man pled his case to the party, saying that he had gone out of the city gates to visit family, and wasn’t around for any of this. The Valor Guard believed that the man had knowingly set loose a zombie on his way out of town, and was attempting to use an alibi to cover his guilt.

The party, believing the man was innocent, worked with Levantra to free the prisoner from Valor Guard control and she asked for a favor in return – that the group enter the Feywild and retrieve something called the Core of Transferrence, an artifact Levantra believed, could protect the city of Veritas.  

Upon entering the Feywild from their teleportation circle located in the Eden’s Grasp, they ventured out from a large forest and into a sea of golden grain where they felt the eyes of a satyr watching them. After restraining the satyr, they found he had been following them since their arrival, sketching them as they progressed. He admitted to watching them, with plans to trick them, but talked about the ruins of a stone temple nearby known as the Illegar Spire.

Session 6: Do You Speak Draconic?

After being invited to a celebratory party, the Chainbreakers spent their afternoon preparing for the party for the high nobility of Wileforge and start off by buying some new apparel. After learning a bit about Ryfir’s peculiar hair, they make their way to the Ironbeard Manor to be celebrated by the city. Along the way, the party checked a nearby quest board to see if there were any tasks that they could help with. They found one, written in Draconic, which no one spoke. Voir took it upon himself to ask anyone he came across if they could translate the Draconic, but to no avail.

At the party, the group meets the Cloud Council, a collection of the rulers of nearby cities that work together to ensure peace throughout their lands. One of these council members was Corby Skiprock, the leader of the town of Dardon. Jean became instant friends with Corby’s approachable nature. They also had an encounter with Remcast, a prominent figure in Balkas Wave’s past. After overhearing a conversation regarding the transfer of 12 “units” between Remcast and a mysterious figure, Zorander Rex, Balkas lets the party know of the impending caravan.  

Jean, wanting to keep tabs on the situation, introduced himself and the rest of the Chainbreakers to Zorander who invited them to “try out” for the role of protecting the caravan on its way to Veritas. After a quick battle with some of Zorander’s lackeys, Zorander seemed impressed with their battle skill, but wasn’t convinced to allow them to accompany the travel of their caravan with their cargo.

At this news, Balkas attacked Zorander while in bear form and a second fight broke out. Zorander held his own, alone, nearly taking out Balkas, and severely injuring several other party members. Tensions eventually dissipated, and Zorander and his group, the Mistcallers, heading out with their caravan to Veritas.  

The Chainbreakers then headed to Dwynn Foehand, the Valor Guard commander in Wileforge and let him know of the situation. Foehand, having had history with Zorander Rex, gave the group a cart of their own to travel with. Foehand explained that Rex had previously been part of the Valor Guard, but was passed over for a promotion. Rex had become close with some of the upper leadership of the Guard, and his lack of promotion was seen as a slight, leaving a fairly contentious relationship with the Mistcallers’ leader.

Arcas Swill was the next stop, which is where the party met Tyrrath Shadowhorn, a tiefling warlock, who agreed to join them on their adventure. The party, including Tyrrath, headed out to Veritas to catch up to Zorander Rex and attempt to recover whatever the 12 “units” were.